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Code of Conduct

As stated in the Remit section of the SDPO Constitution, which was approved by the membership on the 11th July 2020, this group aims to provide Scottish Dental Practice Owners with a safe and supportive platform on which to discuss and debate the key issues affecting Scottish Dental Practice. SDPO is committed to encouraging equality, diversity and inclusion among the membership. The aim is for the group to be truly representative of all sections of the dental practice owners community and for each member to feel respected and comfortable in expressing their views. In terms of conduct:

  • Members are required to be polite and respectful to others, in all interactions.
  • Members should take care to ensure that they do not intentionally hurt, offend, or humiliate
  • Members should refrain from using offensive or discriminatory language
  • Members must refrain from personal attacks Members must have the best interests of the group at heart. Any actions which undermine the group position will be regarded as a breach of the Code of Conduct.
  • Members must try to ensure that they do not post fake or misleading information
  • Members must not use the group to promote their own business interests or to in any way damage the business interests of others.

In cases where it appears that a member of SDPO has breached the Code of Conduct, the details will be considered by the committee. If the committee determine that there was no breach, then no further action will be taken, and interested parties advised accordingly. Warnings may be given for minor breaches. Where a breach of the Code of Conduct is deemed by the committee to be serious, or where a member repeatedly breaches to Code of Conduct, then that member will be removed from the group. If a group member is concerned that a breach of the Code of Conduct has occurred, they should report this to the committee for investigation. Where the committee feel that a serious breach of the Code of Conduct has occurred, they reserve the right to suspend the member from the group, pending further investigation. This document will be reviewed periodically to ensure that it remains fit for purpose.